#4 – Wash & Wax ( Polish Add-On )


$75.00 – Compact cars
$85.00 – Minivans and wagons
$95.00 – SUVs
$110 – Large Trucks
Includes: Express Lane Hand Wash

**** ADD POLISH TO YOUR VEHICLE****  Why? –  By adding a polish it will help  remove or mask paint defects and enhance surface gloss in preparation for the addition of protection.

Add on in addition to Base Package Cost:

$50 – Cars
$70- Minivans and Wagons
$80 – SUVS
$100 – Large Trucks


We start with the Express Lane custom hand wash which included vacuuming and windows and then on the exterior we clay bar the whole vehicle which will get build up off of the paint leaving a smooth base to apply a wax or polish to. We will then apply by the Miagi technique a  protective cover of Carnuba or Nano wax to the vehicle.


A light interior cleaning:

  • Instrument panels
  • Gauges
  • Dashboard
  • Vents,
  • Sun visors
  • Steering wheel and column
  • Center console
  • Door panels and jambs etc., are dusted and wiped down
  • Carpets are vacuumed

Exterior Services:

  • Tires and wheels are cleaned
  • Exterior is carefully hand washed using the industry’s best shampoos
  • Exterior is carefully hand dried with a soft, clean, non-scratching chamois and micro-fiber towels
  • Tires are dressed
  • Windows are cleaned inside and out

Clay Bar and Wax:

  • We will clay bar the whole vehicle to remove any grit, build up, tar, and clean your paint to prepare it for the wax
  • Hand Wax “Miagi Style” of Wax on and Wax off

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