# 5 Three Step Wax and Clay Bar Package

Three Step Wax, and Clay Bar Treatment (1.5 t0 2.5 Hours)


$140.00 – Compact Cars
$155.00 – Minivans and Wagons
$170.00 – SUV’s
$180.00 – Large Trucks



Hand car wash with a Clay Bar application applied to prep the car for a conditioning of the paint
Cut and restore the paint finish using high end compound and wax
Polish the paint and condition it to a shiny appearance and ( looks as if you are looking into a mirror )

Exterior Services:

  • Tires, wheels and fender wells are thoroughly cleaned
  • Exterior is carefully hand washed using the industry’s best shampoos
  • Exterior is carefully hand dried with a soft, clean, non-scratching chamois and micro-fiber towels
  • Tires are dressed
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Moldings are conditioned
  • Windows are cleaned inside and out
  • Dash is cleaned and wiped down

Clay Bar Treatment – We use a special clay bar (along with a special protecting lubricant) and a hand-application technique all over your vehicle’s surface to remove tar, bug residue, road surface build up and tree sap. It can even remove certain impurities from your paint, leaving your vehicle’s finish smooth and clean.

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