Additional Services

Headlight Restoration – $20 per light ( $40 for Two) $10 to add UV Sealant

Are you tired of that cloudy or milky look in your headlight? Well you most likely do not have to buy brand new lights and spend hundreds of dollars. Come by our shop and we will look at your lights. We offer two different types of restorations. Let us r bring the lights back to a clear look and help make it safer for you to drive.

Engine Detail – $40 for semi clean engines or $60 for engines with heavy build up

Our trained technician carefully cleans the top of your engine with a special degreaser and a pressure washer to remove dirt, grease, oil, and other residues. Engine is then carefully blow dried to ensure that all excess moistures is removed so no problems develop. Engine is then dressed for protection and shine.

This is perfect for identifying leaks, or restoring the new engine look prior to selling the car.

Leather Conditioner – $20 ( One Row )  $40 ( Two Rows)   $60 ( Three Rows )

Apply a specialized cleaner and conditioner to your seats to help renew them and protect them from aging and drying out.

Aquapel windshield treatment and water repellant – $19.95

Improve your vision in the rain and at night. Rain will bead up and roll off the window. Ice and snow are easier to remove as well when this is applied. This will last for months with normal driving conditions.

Odor Control fogger for vehicles with bad odor, 0r in need of some loving – $25

Great for killing odors from mold and mildew, dampness, food, urine, vomit, fecal, and organic matter.

Water Spot Removal $ 40 for windows or $60 for whole vehicle

In the Pacific Northwest due to rain cars can get hard water spots that a normal wash will not remove. We have the ability to remove these spots from your paint and windows.

Heavy Oxidation ( Average of $50, however estimate is required )

Cars can become oxidized over time from the sun and elements. With our services we can restore the luster and shine in your vehicle’s paint.

Wet Sanding ( Average of $15-$30 per scratch, however estimate is required )

Wet sanding takes a special eye and ability. Wet sanding removes a portion of the clear coat in the paint to reduce the depth of the scratch.

Heavy Soil $Estimate

Heavy soil is referencing a high level of dirt or organic matter that needs to come out of your carpet or upholstery.

Dog Hair Removal $Estimate

Woof! Woof! – If you have tried to remove dog hair before you will understand that this is a very fair price as it takes time, patience, and energy to remove your best friends hair. My team is prepared to take this on and will even give your dog a bone when we are done :)

Black Paint – ( Buffing and Polishing ) – $20

People who own black cars are special and can tell you that a black car done right shines in the night. However, it takes time and experience to make a black cars finish look like it should. Due to this we charge a small fee for the labor and materials involved.

Heavy Bugs and Flying Insects Removal – $15

Believe it or not to remove bug and insect matter from the paint takes additional chemicals as well as time. This does not typically come off with a standard hand wash. We will be happy to provide this service.

Vitreo Paint Sealant and Polish $ 29.95

Vitreo is a slick, durable, polymeric, easy on and easy off polish and sealant. Vitreo combines the latest in polymer technology to bring you the most advanced surface coating on the market today. Vitreo vitrifies painted and non painted surfaces protecting them from the damaging uv rays of the sun, acid rain and other air and water borne contaminants. Vitreo’s cleaning action and vitrification process is safe when used on today’s clear coats, fiberglass, chrome, polished aluminum, stripes, mirrors and much more. Will not stain rubber, vinyl bumpers or moldings.

Deep Wheel Cleanse $15 –

Tired of looking that brake dust and build up on the inner part of the wheel? Let us help take care of that. With this treatment we will clean and degrease the whole wheel.


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