About Us

About the Owners:

Jason Brown
I was born in Long Beach California and moved to Seattle in 1980. Raised in a single-parent household, my mother sometimes worked three or more jobs to put food on the table.  I learned early the importance of working hard and promised myself that one day I’d be able to show my Mom how much I appreciated all that she did for me. Emerald City Detailing is a family owned business which I hope to pass down to my daughter Jasmine and many generations to come, and my goal is to treat every customer that comes into this place of business like family.  I don’t believe in shortcuts or excuses and I don’t allow that attitude in my shop. Every customer, every service, is important.

I love the outdoors, music, football (GO HAWKS! ), golf, literature, and spending time with my wonderful family. Most importantly, I love seeing other people smile, making a positive impact in their lives however I can, and the feeling of pride in a job well done. I also believe it is very important to be connected to the community.  If you are a police official, firefighter, or doctor,  or active duty military or veteran,  you will also receive an additional 10% off your service. We appreciate your service to the community. In addition we also have a senior citizen discount for ages 55 or better :).

In our shop we want you to focus on the things that make you happy. When it comes to making your car look the best it can “Leave the details to us”.

Genaro Hernandez
En Espanol:
Yo Genaro Hernandez.  Tengo trabajando mas 10 anos en el negocio del auto wash. Soy sociable y tengo bueno mucha communicacion con los clientes y conocimiento de los quimicos y productos. Me enorgullezco de hacer el mejor trabajo y asegurarme de que mis clientes sean felices. Yo, junto con mi pareja me aseguraré de que nuestro personal este capacitado en las técnicas más modernas. Ya sea que necesite un lavado rápido o un detalle completo te haremos lo mismo.

Además creemos que es muy importante para ser conectado a la comunidad. Este es un negocio administrado por una familia. Si usted es un official policía, bombero,  o medico usted también recibirá un 10% adicional de su servicio. Apreciamos su servicio a la comunidad.Dios bendiga a nuestra familia a la suya
In English:
My name is Genaro Hernandez. I have worked over 10 years in the car wash business. I am very sociable and I have good communication with customers and knowledge of chemicals and products.

I take pride in doing the best job and make sure my customers are happy.  I, along with my partner Jason,  will ensure that our staff is trained in the latest techniques. Whether you need a quick wash or a complete detail you will recieve the same care, pride and attention to detail as all customers will receive.

We also believe it is very important to be connected to the community. This is a family run business. If you are a police official, firefighter, or doctor you will also receive an additional 10% off  your  service. We appreciate your service to the community.

Eliberto Espinoza

Eliberto is our lead Detail Professional. He has over 30 years of detailing experience and is a valuable member of the team. He is also our go to guy. Eliberto was born in Sunnyside, WA. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors and camping. He has a wealth of knowledge. He specializes in advanced detailing skills such as: Wetsanding, Buffing, Headlight restoration, Water Spot Removal, and much more. He is also in our eyes a future owner or regional manager as we grow.

Cesar Inzunza

Cesar is one of the newest members on the team. He is our future American Idol. When you come to the shop and hear someone singing that is Cesar :) .  He is one of the fastest interior specialists that we have thus he is known as Cesar ” Speedy Gonzalez” Inzunza.  He is also working on his bird calls.

Marisel Valenzuela

Marisel is one of the hardest workers we have. Marisel is from Sonora Queretaro. Marisel another interior specialist with a fine eye for details. She is constantly looking at ways to improve and is focused on doing the best at whatever she does.


We are lucky to have the team that we do!

God bless from our family to yours,